My testimony may shock you…


At a very young age I was drawn to all things spiritual. I always was drawn to adult conversations and I asked an exhausting amount of questions. My parents are neither religious, my mom (hi mom!) I think has her own personal ideas of God but it is very private. My father would be closely described as agnostic. He may believe in a higher being or creator but there again is not a relationship, connection, or a sense of worship for the creator. My sister like my mom very private. And then there is me…

I remember going to church with my Nana on holidays and weekends when we visited. I grew to love her century-old United Methodist Church of Paris, TX. (*side note I was baptized there after Easter service when I was 16 and later married my man there in 2001) She passed away from cancer when I was nine, so God sent other women mentors to pour into me spiritually.

I am eternally grateful for my Great Aunt Christine, who took up the torch and loved me not as a great niece but like a granddaughter. We had many conversations about Jesus and faith. One of my greatest memories is to hear her sing hymns like “How Great Thou Art,” “It is Well”, and “He is Risen!” I can’t tell you what I would give to hear her Sunday school class sing again!

Miss Millie, a neighbor she loved the Lord and often invited my younger sister and I to church. As a young person I did not know what “Spirit-filled” meant but as I look back so many things make sense. I can see the hands raised in the air, people gathered laying hands and praying for one another, it’s a beautiful fragmented memory.

My faith was greatly influenced by a bus ministry. A white bus driven by an older woman with a servant’s heart. She is nameless but believe it or not I can still see heer curly hair and smile! We sang songs like This Little Light of Mine, Jesus Loves Me, and I am a C, I am a C-H….back and forth from apartment parking lot to mysterious white church. It was in that church that at ten I asked Jesus in my heart. I did not completely know what that meant but I sure felt it, felt Him!

Moving into my teen years I dabbled and explored. I visited a Mosque and vividly remember a gathering after with food and dance, I bought a Buddha statue with my own money because I thought the round belly was cute and visited Mass at an Episcopal church that was extremely moving. However, despite my freedom to explore and my supportive parents I was drawn back to a relationship with Jesus, The Messiah, my Savior…Creator of all things, I rested in his Word and found home.

It is a beautiful journey, my Jesus is mine and not passed down tradition. I have felt his presence in my life, I have watched miracles unfold, and see in plain sight answers to my most intimate prayers.

I wish I could say the journey was easy and things laid out in pretty paths through gardens but nope I made many many mistakes, and learned very hard lessons that fortified my love for the Lord.

God is good and faithful. I promise!

If ever you need me to, reach out and I offer my prayers to stand with you, pray over you, and especially share my Jesus, our Jesus!

Do you have a Life Verse? Here is one of mine.

Roman 8:28: And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

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