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This is a personal blog.  I am not an expert on faith, marriage, or parenting, but I’ll share wholeheartedly what God has shown me in my life of 30+ years.

You, the reader, are reading my blog of your own free will- THANK YOU FOR READING!– so I will not be held liable for any content on this website.  My intent is to edify you, the reader, not to cause harm.  This blog has no intentions to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual.

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I welcome your comments!  I want this blog to encourage conversations and community among its readers.  I reserve the right to delete any comments that contain profanity or are offensive in nature.  If you directly comment on a blog post, your comment will be visible to the public, and other commentators are free to respond to your comment if they choose to do so.  I will keep all emailed comments confidential, which means I will not share or re-print any emailed comments without your written permission.