Pieces of Me

Hi and welcome!

My name is Jennifer and I am celebrating the pieces of me that I pray help someone else. I am a wife to an amazing man who leads our family, and happens to coach Texas football (we take that seriously here in TX), we are going on 16 years, I feel like we have hit a “sweet” spot in our relationship! God is good and faithful certainly hasn’t always been a walk in the park. So I hope to share openly to encourage other couples.

I am a mom to 4 hard-headed, out going, bright, athletic, and exceptionally loud children that absolutely bless me everyday. Spanning ages from 5-15 so we straddle preschool to teenagers (help me Lord)! I was once the “young mom” and this year at the new moms group with my youngest I realized that is no longer the case. I made a reference to FRIENDS and the other mom just blinked at me like that was before her time…Sigh!

Confessions: I am a sinner. Shocking I know, occasionally I drop a bad word in front of my kids…I love the Lord, he has helped me through some wild heartbreaks. My hair is rarely out of a messy bun and makeup is for special occasions, so no picture perfect content will grace these pages…

Three of my four children have genetic disorders that can have ongoing medical issues that mess with my anxiety. However, God has shown us continued mercies and legit miracles. My faith is unbreakable,  unshakable, how I breathe and deal.

I feel I was born to be a teacher but before that my husband and I worked for a children’s home so that produced many adventures ( I have helped raise over 50 young men around the world) and I never knew I could love so much! I currently teach math in a “tested” grade level…For the Love! I would not change it for anything. Like Ever!

Here comes the jaw dropper, where if you were meeting me for the first time you would not have the words to respond. I am also a CADI (Causing Accidental Death or Injury) also known as Accidental Casualty Survivor. Meaning I was in a car accident that caused the death of another person, yes it was my fault. I can’t explain this experience well in chunks and it isn’t any better all at once, as you will feel as if I have vomited heartbreak and sadness all over you. GROSS no one wants that! I do however feel called to share, fair warning I am sometimes an over-sharer!!!! But I hope to through my transparency offer hope, and encouragement for those facing the hardest of circumstances.

I was interviewed by Alice Gregory from The New Yorker, you can read about other experiences here:


My accident changed me forever, I mourned a stranger. I continue to manage my broken heart and the fact that at 36 years old life changed forever for me, my family, and more importantly for a family that lost their dad.