Pray the halls!

It’s a simple gesture but it’s an intangible gift walk the halls that are your everyday routine with purpose.

Smile, look people in the eye as you pass and pray for anything unspoken.

I had almost forgot what it feels like to walk the halls of a hospital (children’s hospital specifically). Each wall a vibrant color, each corner a continuing theme. Here on the 4th floor it’s a sea theme, smiling dolphins and mermaids. There are also glass windowed doors and curtains  that smack you in the face. At night after visiting hours it’s sacred space, quiet and the hallways are as calm as can be controlled because through those different doorways are many different stories, needs, prayers, hopes! The couples that sneak into the hall to talk or finally cry, weary nurses starting night shifts because the worst of child illlnesses don’t happen with the day crew!

It brought me back tonight as I walked the colorful hallway to get us water and prayed over the halls. We felt the prayers today from our family and friends. We are so grateful!!!

As a teacher, walk those halls and pray over all the unknowns! I believe those prayers are alive, they grow, they linger. Prayer is poerful!! Much better way to spend that couple of minutes passing a hallway then running through a to do list in your head! Continue reading “Pray the halls!”